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Project Description

Tucson Masters Cycling

“Our mission is to promote skilled bicycle riding and racing among mature, health-conscious individuals within the Tucson community. Our core group is composed of masters level riders but our team includes cyclists of any category. We strive to provide a social environment through cycling that promotes a healthy lifestyle, camaraderie, teamwork, and sportsmanship. We are committed to the spirit of competition and excellence in cycling.

Core Values:

Technically competent, skilled (alone and in groups), fast, and safe cyclists
Respectful and courteous to other cyclists, pedestrians and motorists
Respectful of the laws of the road and the environment
Highly competent racing as a team
Represent our sponsors proudly and respectfully
Support local cycling events
Participate in USA Cycling events
Have a large presence in local non-USA Cycling events
Organize at least one local event per year
Financially support worthy cycling related events
Financially assist local racers as appropriate”

Number of Team Members 50-75
Members Men & Women
Age Groups Masters (Age Groups 35+)
Weekly Group Ride Yes
Events (Co-)Promoted Arizona Time Trial
Disciplines Road
Team Focus Fun riding
Some racing


Jim Benjamin

PO Box 65570
Tucson, AZ 85728-5570