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Project Description

Fleming Wealth Strategies

“Fun Club Team – No bike shop affiliation (neutral team). Racers are cat 3,4,and 5. Lots are addicted to Strava. We do road, cross, crits, road races, and now a few are starting to do Tri’s.

Must not be too serious – must have fun all the time – must like donuts.

** “”Eatmore Cheesecake”” on Facebook
** undergroundcrit.com”

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Number of Team Members 76-100
Members Men & Women
Age Groups Seniors (Categories 1-5)
Masters (Age Groups 35+)
Weekly Group Ride Yes
Events (Co-)Promoted Underground Crit
Disciplines Road, MTB, Cross
Team Focus Fun riding
Some racing
Mostly ABRA races



2155 W Pinnacle Peak Road, #201
Phoenix, AZ 85027