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Project Description


This year Team RPM members join “FASTER” who has been the 2nd best “large” team in Arizona the past 3 years. PRIMARILY composed of masters riders ages 40 to 65, we have other riders who are juniors and who race categories. Weekly group ride on Saturdays. We promote the McDowell Mountain Circuit Race in February. We are primarily a road racing team, but have several members that passionately race cyclocross, mountain bike, triathlon, and track racing.
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Number of Team Members 26-50
Members Men & Women
Age Groups Juniors
Seniors (Categories 1-5)
Masters (Age Groups 35+)
Weekly Group Ride Yes
Events (Co-)Promoted McDowell Mountain Circuit Race
Disciplines Road, MTB, Cross, Track
Team Focus Mostly ABRA races


James Kramer

16414 N 91st Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85260