Historical Calendars, Courses, and Records

|Historical Calendars, Courses, and Records
Historical Calendars, Courses, and Records2023-10-22T12:10:40-07:00

Arizona has a proud racing history that has ebbed and flowed like our rivers. We have a tradition of hard races and technical criteriums. If you’ve ever ridden in an area and thought, “This would make a great race!” it might have been one in the past! Check out the calendars and be inspired- maybe you can bring back one of the classics? Or will you write your own story in our history?

Not sure where to start? Take a trip to the beginning with Alan Fischer’s write up.

Below is a collection of Arizona racing calendars from 1978 to today. Sometimes events were canceled or added after the calendar was printed- think of these as a snapshot in time and not always 100% accurate of all the events that took place. We did go through and edit some calendars to remove addresses, e-mails, and phone numbers. A massive thank you to Don Melhado who donated the scans for the project!

Photos hosted by the UA Cycling Team