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Currently, neither series is in effect. We are exploring re-launching them in the future.

Arizona Race Series

Copper Cup: Champion of Champions

The Copper Cup is being relaunched! To determine the best all-around rider and team we’ll look to our state championship events:

-Criterium (Individual and team points):
-Road Race (individual and team points):
-Track (Individual omnium + team pursuit for team points):
-Hill Climb (individual and team points):
-Individual Time Trial (individual and team points):
-Cyclocross (individual and team points):

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Men and Women: Cat 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Juniors 9-12; 13-14; 15-16; 17-18. Masters in 5 year increments starting at 35.

The same points scale is used for individual and team scoring.
25, 21, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1

Individual Scoring
Best of 5- a rider’s lowest point score will be dropped: road race, criterium, ITT, track individual omnium, hill climb, and CX

Only riders with Arizona licenses are eligible. Out of state riders do not displace points. Riders do not displace points in combined races.

Example: Using the Pro/1/2 races the finish is Cat 1, Cat 1, Cat 2 (NM), Cat 1, Cat 2, etc. So, the cat 2 in fifth would get 1st place points since he’s the first Arizona 2. This scoring would be the same in master and junior fields were age groups are combined.

Mismatched categories
A rider’s road category will the primary category used for tracking points. If a rider does not have consistent categories across disciplines (e.g. Cat 3 on the road; 5 on the track and 5 in CX)-only half of the points will be awarded in the lower category event.

A rider who upgrades during the race season may take half of their points with them to their new category.

Team Scoring
Best of 6- a team’s lowest point score will be dropped: road race, criterium, ITT, TTT, team pursuit, hill climb, and CX

Only teams registered in Arizona are eligible to score points. Out of state teams do not displace points.

For each race and each gender (e.g. women’s criterium, men’s team time trial, men’s road race) teams are ranked based on the sum of their top four riders in each category for individual events and the top team entry in each category for team events (for individual events, additional riders retain any individual points they earn but their points are not included in the determination of their team’s total), and points are assigned for the team omnium, per the points scale.

Teams may enter multiple teams in a category for team events (team time trial and team pursuit), however, only the top team will earn points.

In the case of a tie in the total points among riders or among teams, the tie will be broken in favor of the rider or team that has:

  1. The most first place finishes, or if still tied, the most second place finishes, or if still tied, the most 3rd place finishes.
  2. If still tied, the tie will be broken by the team or individual with the best finish in the last race of the series.

For a scoring example, please see the overview document.

AZ Time Trial Series

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The Arizona Time Trial Series was created by the Arizona time trial promoters to provide a venue for time trial specialists to participate in a competitive series designed just for them. The series also creates a safe yet competitive environment for the new racer. Unlike other road events, the time trial is all about you, your effort, your fitness and dedication.

We believe the time trial discipline should be recognized as a distinct skill set. The Arizona Time Trial Series is an effort to showcase these very special bicycle racers.

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