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Can you go the distance?

Arizona Race Series


The Arizona BAR – Best All Around Rider is a calendar year competition.

Managed, maintained, (and mediated with ABRA board if there is a question outside the rules) by: James Kramer, successful entrepreneur and business owner, competitive road and track racer, and active member of ABRA for 8 years.

Top 10 individual places score points for every individual event on the official ABRA calendar, typically consisting of road, criterium, time trial, track, and cyclocross races

  • Scoring is 10 points for 1st, 9 for 2nd, 8 for 3rd, and decreasing to 1 for 10th place
  • Double points awarded for recognized state championship events
  • No points awarded for the general classification at stage races, just the individual stages score
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  • If you upgrade categories, you will regain the points you earned in the category and remain in that competition, but no points will carry over into the new category you upgrade into
  • Scoring applies to EACH individual race a promoter offers whether it be category OR age graded (but you cannot score for both category AND age grade in same race)
  • If you are a different category in different cycling race disciplines, you will score points in EACH discipline and thus it is possible to be competing in multiple categories for the year long competition
  • Points will be awarded 10 deep for EACH age graded race – i.e. if a 45 year old wins a 35+ race, a 55 year old racer gets 2nd in a 35+ race, and a 35 year old gets 3rd place, the 45 year old gets 10 points in their 45-49 category, the 55 year old gets 2nd place points in their 55-59 competition, and the 35 year old gets 3rd place points in their 35-39 competition
  • A racer can score in EVERY race they participate in, including multiple races in the same day – i.e. if a 55 year old races wins a 35+ race, then places 2nd later that day in a 45+ race, then finishes the day with a 3rd in a 55+ race, he scores points (10, 9, and 8) in three races that day for his 55-59 age group. The same applies if a CAT 2 racer places in a ½ race and then later places in a 2/3 race in the same day.
  • There is no fee to participate, nor a requirement to be an Arizona resident or ABRA member

AZ Time Trial Series

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The Arizona Time Trial Series was created by the Arizona time trial promoters to provide a venue for time trial specialists to participate in a competitive series designed just for them. The series also creates a safe yet competitive environment for the new racer. Unlike other road events, the time trial is all about you, your effort, your fitness and dedication.

We believe the time trial discipline should be recognized as a distinct skill set. The Arizona Time Trial Series is an effort to showcase these very special bicycle racers.

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AZ Cross Series

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