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Your 2016 ABRA Board Members

Joey Iuliano
Joey IulianoPresident
Joey Iuliano is currently pursing a PhD in Geography at the University of Arizona with research focusing on how the built environment influences people's transportation choices, specifically when it comes to cycling or walking. He is passionate about getting more people riding and racing and believes the southwest, especially Arizona, should be leading by example when it comes to anything related to cycling. Joey races for the UA Cycling Team and Sabino Cycles.
I came to Arizona in 1964 to attend the U of A, where I met my wife of 50 years. Graduated in 1969 and started working for the mines. I retired for the industry in 2003. I started riding in the early 80’s and participated in the very first El Tour de Tucson. Signed up for a USCF (USAC) racing license in 1984 and worked my way up to cat 3 road and track. I never felt the need to upgrade any further because I was now racing masters. I became a USCF (USAC) official in 1996, became the USCF (USAC) Arizona Representative in 1999. In 2003 I became the ABRA administrator, retiring from that position in 2016. I’ve promoted over 100 races and officiated at over 200. My current competition love is track. I have over a dozen state championships and 2 national podium finishes on the track. I’ve worked for 14 years to bring track racing and a velodrome to Arizona, hopefully those years of effort will soon be rewarded.
Don Melhado
Don MelhadoVice-President
Bill Barnes
Bill BarnesTreasurer
In my long and somewhat checkered career, I have been a Naval Officer, have taught school and have served as Chief Financial Officer for several firms, consulted with a number of others and have served on several boards of directors including ABRA’s. I am currently ABRA’s treasurer.

In 1972, while riding my shiny new Peugeot PX10 in South Bend, I was passed by a couple of riders putting in some training miles. I caught up with them and found that one was the aptly named anesthesiologist, Carl Napper, who was also US BAR in 1956. Carl gave me some words of encouragement, and I have been hooked on cycling ever since. Except for a five year hiatus, when I found that running ruins one’s knees, I was a high mileage recreational cyclist until I moved to California in 2000.

I found cycling in California to be worlds different from cycling in northern Indiana, where I had lived for 60 years. Indiana is so flat that we call it God’s pool table. California has MOUNTAINS! California has flocks of strong, talented riders. I learned to love climbing. I learned pack skills. Roger Young helped me become a halfway decent time trialist. I bought a license and started racing.

In 2005 we moved to Tucson. I have since won 39 state championships and have three podium finishes at Masters National Track Championships on the “Outlive your competition and choose your venues with care” theory. All but three of the state championships were unopposed, including five Match Sprint championships, in which I didn’t even mount my bicycle. Not for nothing do they call them the golden years.

Andrea Gonzales Cinalli was raised in Tucson, AZ, where she later attended the University of Arizona. She received her bachelor’s degree in elementary education and environmental science. Andrea currently teaches fifth grade at a local charter school.

Andrea didn’t know how to ride a bike until she was 16! Her now-husband taught her how to ride. She started out on a hybrid that was far too big for her, and got her first road bike in 2009. When her husband began racing, she would come out as support, and began to get the racing bug. She had her first season in 2012, and became addicted.

In 2014, Andrea married her high school sweetheart and cycling partner on their ten year anniversary. She and her husband are both involved in leadership on their team, Tolero Racing. Andrea is the Race Director for the Tolero Criterium. Also, Andrea is the Chairperson for Women’s Cycling Association of Arizona (WoCAA). She manages the Race Series.

In addition to cycling, Andrea dabbles in triathlons. She loves the swimming, but has a bit of a love/hate relationship with running. She also loves Harry Potter, writing, doing puzzles, and baking treats with far too many calories.

Andrea Cinalli
Andrea CinalliSecretary
Stefanie Sichler
Stefanie SichlerMember At Large
Stefanie's biggest goal is to grow bicycle racing in Arizona, hoping to engage new riders. She hopes to provide her marketing experience to help utilize social media in order to grow our community. Stefanie continues to race for Bicycle Haus Racing. She loves to sprint, is learning to tolerate climbing.
In the past she has raced for ASU Cycling and held the office of vice president there in 2013.